Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Clinics in New Jersey and Philadelphia

Hair transplants are promoted as the best permanent solution to hair loss. However, they may not be as reliable a solution as many of their promoters would like you to believe. In order to get the best results from a hair transplant, you not only need to take proper care of your transplant, but also you need to be the “right” kind of bald.

The success of a hair transplant depends largely on the surgeon performing the transplant and the extent of the surgery. Your odds for success increase when you use head hair and do not have to cover the entire scalp. Most people who are prescreened for their hair transplants and carefully follow the directions of their doctor experience at least some success. In the best cases, even hair stylists cannot distinguish between the transplanted hair and the natural growth.


Consider the recommendations below before choosing the right hair transplant doctor.

  • Choose a doctor that specializes in hair transplant surgery instead of a plastic surgeon that specializes in many other procedures besides surgical hair restoration. A full service plastic surgeon most likely performs less than a dozen hair transplant procedures a year. However, a doctor and medical team that specializes in only hair transplants has probably performed 1,000s and has seen enough patients to know the factors that distinguish between just a good hair transplant, and a great one.
  • Choose a doctor that will perform follicular unit hair transplantation with grafts dissected under a microscope. Follicular units are groups of hair that grow naturally together in 1 to 4 hair groups, and also contain oil glands, nerves, and muscle. Follicular units are the standard today by which hair transplant doctors use to recreate natural looking hair. Hair grafts cannot get any smaller than follicular units.
  • Choose a doctor that does not talk negatively about his competitors. Hair transplantation has become highly competitive and many clinics and doctors will engage in negative discussions to steer potential clients away from their competitors. A true professional will let his practice and experience speak for themselves. A doctor that reduces himself to insulting other clinics does not have a professional nature.
  • Choose a doctor that tells you just the facts without the sales pressure and is not afraid to tell you that unrealistic goals cannot be met and you may need more then one procedure to achieve the new look you desire. Avoid choosing a doctor that agrees with everything you say, that is an oversell approach that will lead to disappointment later on.
  • Choose a doctor who has satisfied all of your questions and concerns without sending up any red flags in the back of your mind. Often, patients have follow up questions to their consultations or think of new questions after the consultation. Clinics and doctors should understand this and be patient in answering your questions. Be wary of clinics that avoid answers to hard and uncomfortable questions, or talk in circles around such hard questions.



The Hughes Center

The Hughes Center is one of the best clinics that met the criteria above. It serves Hair Transplant New Jersey with professional doctors and good quality services. It also offers Botox in Philadelphia and Liposuction in Philadelphia.

The benefits of Hair Transplant New Jersey at Hughes Center are least invasive procedure of its kind, no Scalpel Incision, no Sutures, no scarring, large areas in a single session, fastest recovery time ‚”next day”, of any surgical option, reduces the need for additional procedures, and the last is reduces overall costs of manual FUE procedures.

BOTOX is known to effectively stop the contraction of the muscles that cause wrinkles to form. Dr. Hughes has over 28 year of experience with BOTOX, and recommends that patients who wish to continue treatment receive new injections every 3 months.

If you would like to learn more about Hair Transplant New Jersey, Botox in Philadelphia, and Liposuction in Philadelphia, you can ask a consultation with facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Susan Hughes. Or you can call the Hughes Center for Aesthetic Medicine at (888) 929-4676 to schedule your appointment.


Medical Office Assistant And Pharmacy Technician Courses For Fast Healthcare Careers

Becoming a pharmacist or a doctor is a serious educational commitment that takes several years. Especially in light of the almost decade long, immensely expensive process of becoming a doctor, healthcare careers can feel out of reach for many people. But becoming a physician is not the only option for healthcare hopefuls. Aside from nursing, two other prominent healthcare professions are medical office assistant and pharmacy technician. Let’s have a closer look.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technician training has to prepare the student for the crucial role of assisting pharmacists conduct their duties. Most people know about the drug dispensaries found in commercial stores and hospitals, but there’s also a role for pharmacy technicians in medical research, third party insurers and drug manufacturing. Regardless of where the technician takes a job, your training will focus on a strict and accurate understanding of measurement, dispensing systems and drug effects. Though you will have the supervision of a pharmacist, patient safety depends on your ability to provide exactly the dose prescribed, and you’ll also have a chance to make sure they’re receiving the right medication and get to work directly with clients, including calling them to ensure medications are being taken as directed.

Programs are usually provided through vocational schools and colleges, with a length averaging around a year, but some programs allowing completion in less time. Like any healthcare professional, you will have liability insurance and accredited programs are offered in most provinces in Canada. 43% are employed in hospitals or similar facilities, and pharmacist shortages have seen a recent boom in the demand for people with pharmacy technician training, making it a reliable choice for steady and rewarding work.

Medical Office Assistant

In Canada, the role of the medical office assistant is somewhat more abbreviated than your American cousins, because of provincially regulated Medicare instead of a byzantine network of private insurers, but there’s still a strong demand for people with medical office assistant training. As well as clerical work, including working with sensitive and confidential medical records and calling patients to remind them of scheduled appointments, medical office assistants receive some front line medical training to help them understand the ins and outs of their patients’ needs.

One part secretarial and receptionist training, and one part anatomy and health lessons, medical office assistant training is also mostly found through career or vocational schools and community colleges. Like pharmacy technician programs the study time is short. Particular to the program the administrative side of the training also makes graduates flexible, with options to work outside the healthcare industry. If you do decide to stick with healthcare you could find yourself at the front desk of a private practice or part of a team in the medical record archives of a large hospital.

The Perks Of Pharmacy Technician Training

There are many different reasons why an individual might want to take part in pharmacy technician training. One reason is because it is a good job to have in this economy due to the fact that it is a job that will never disappear off the face of this planet. Just like doctors, other types of medical professionals are critical to our health and well being. There are many different reasons why an individual might want to become a pharmacy technician and there are also different things that an individual would want to keep in mind before they complete their schooling.

Pharmacy technician training is not easy so an individual will want to make sure that this type of career is the one that they are really looking for. It is no use paying for the schooling and the testing and certificates that are involved if you are unsure if it is the job that is right for you. A person would not want to choose this career on a whim but make sure that they do the proper research to make sure that they are truly interested in this field.

There are many different benefits that a person will find in pursuing this career. One is the pay that a pharmacy technician receives. There is a higher wage scale for this career field but an individual would want to make sure that they do the research so they know how much they would get paid in their own area. Another benefit to going into this career line is job security. In our lifetime it is unlikely that pharmacy technicians will ever go without having some work to perform.

Once an individual has decided that they want to undergo pharmacy technician training, they will want to find the perfect school to pursue this career. An individual will want to make sure that the school that they are planning to go to has an accredited pharmacy technician program. If it does then an individual will want to make sure that they sign up for grants and financial aid to help pay for their college education.

Once an individual has finished the college program their schooling is not exactly finished and at this point in time they are still not able to become a pharmacy technician. You will need to take the pharmacy technician professional test before you can become an accredited pharmacy technician. This is a test that will help a pharmacy technician to use their knowledge that they learned in school to perform their job. It also helps to test their competency at their job.

To become a pharmacy technician there are many different steps that you will need to take and the training is only a small key aspect to getting into this field. If you do not listen or do well in school, you will not be able to pass the test to become a pharmacy technician and therefore your college education will have been a waste of time. Preparing for the challenges of college as well as knowing that this career is really the right one for you will help to push you through with the highest of honors.

How Much Money Does A Pharmacy Technician Make

Much more frightening diseases are being observed by some of the world’s top doctors every single year. Millions of dollars are presently being invested into study that will lead to the discovery of new and innovative medicine that will aid individuals which are Suffering from many different ailments. This study can possibly increase the lifetime of human beings around the globe. This cause requires a lot more workers inside the medical care arena. Several leading global healthcare consultants are estimating that many pharmacies will probably be necessary to serve individuals that may be in need of their treatment.

The industry is expecting several pharmacy technician jobs to be developed to be able to serve the increasing demand for new pharmacy technicians. This increased hiring could have a large effect on the fees that pharmacy technicians will make every single year. The pharmacy technician salary is expected to go up over within the time to come.

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists by making certain that no mistakes are made with prescription particulars. The tech has the duty of observing all information records closely. This assists reduces the chances of a pharmacist making severe errors when rendering medicine. Techs also offer consumer service on the telephone. They also handle the cash register everyday. This thrilling career is suited for folks which are willing to work in intense conditions.

You will find several niches inside the medical industry that requires the presence of an expert pharmacy technician. Hospitals, retail stores, and physician offices employ technicians for their needed services. Huge hospitals and popular retail price chain stores are recognized to supply exceptional technicians with an opportunity to have a great pharmacy technician salary.

People need to attend classes at an institute that provides several certified courses if they expect to be payed with an wonderful pharmacy technician salary. You can find local, regional, and global schools that provide course for anyone who is anxious about joining this rewarding market. Prospective techs need to earn their certification from The Institute to become Certified Pharmacy Technician. This certificate can assist students have a decent opportunity of finding a competitive pharmacy technician salary within a brief time period.

The annual salary of pharmacy technicians varies. It is associated to each individual’s experience as well as the area of the job. The average pharmacy technician salary is around 36 thousand dollars annually. Technicians can anticipate to be compensated nicely if they’ve a respected education and approved certifications from well known institutions. It’ll be hard to find technicians working in tiny circuits. This is the low income that is provided in this arena.

The salary for new techs can go from twenty five thousand dollars to 35 thousand dollars. A remarkable set of skills, training, and vast knowledge will be the deciding aspect in how much one is likely to make. Acquiring more experience and training can help one elevate their salary to the 40 thousand dollar area. A lot of employers in the medical industry are recognized for rewarding pharmacy technicians that succeed on the job.

The educational expectations and pharmacy technician salary as stated above should persuade anybody to participate in this field if they are looking for a challenge. The avenue to become an exceptional pharmacy technician is not as tough as some could perceive. Skilled and well educated technicians receive a nice pharmacy technician salary.